Monday, May 23, 2011


This last Saturday I broke up with my boyfriend.  We'd been dating for about a year, but he was deployed for the first 6 months of it.  He was a really great guy and I really liked him.  I feel that I was trying to force things too much though.  He wasn't at a good place to give the relationship 100%.  I'm actually really proud of both of us for being honest with each other and not letting it drag on until it turned sour.  Even though I know it's for the best, my heart still hurts.  I'll get it over it, but I just feel kind of empty right now.  :(


Today marks the end of week 2.  I came down with a pretty bad cold last week so I only worked out 2 days.  I didn't do my standard kettle bell swings every morning.  I did stick with my diet, though, and I used the ice packs 3 days.  My binge day was Saturday - I didn't binge like I did last week, though, I had about 5 beers and half of a breakfast burrito.  On Sunday I also had a very small (about 4 oz) frozen yogurt with chopped walnuts.  I didn't have time to take my measurements this morning, but I was able to weigh myself.

Weight: 119.2

YES!!!!!  Total lbs lost in 2 weeks: 5.0 lbs

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Monday marked the end of week 1 of my 4-Hour Body Diet.  I followed the diet pretty closely.  The only thing I ate that Tim Ferris did not include in his book was ground turkey.  It has always been such a staple in my diet and it's so easy to cook that I used it as my protein source in my 2 lunches.  I also didn't try out the ice packs, although I did drink ice water every morning.  Here is how my meal plans and work outs stacked up:

*Please see my previous post for my starting weight and measurements*

1 tall glass of ice water
kettle bell swings
planks, cat vomit abs (or whatever it was he called them)
2 eggs
1/2 cup lentils + a little bit of spinich (not a huge spinach fan)

11 AM
ground turkey
some kind of no-salt-added beans
hot sauce

3 PM
ground turkey
no-salt-added beans
balsamic vinegar

*3 days last week I also did an hour of turbo kick boxing.  I love it too much to give it up.
  I burns about 600 calories per each class.

7 PM
ground turkey or sliced chicken breast
romaine lettuce
oil and balsamic vinegar

Prior to starting the diet I weighted 124.6 lbs.  You can find all of my measurements in a previous post.  After my workout on Saturday, I had dropped to 119 lbs.  I haven't seen 119 lbs for 2 years!!!  I know that I was dehydrated and had only eaten breakfast that day, but it was still very exciting.  I've weighed myself in similar situations and, like I said, I haven't seen 119 in 2 years!! That was very exciting.  Sunday was my binge day.  We had some friends over for a BBQ.  I ate eggs, refried beans, and lentils for breakfast.  I also did my kettle bell swings and abs before breakfast.  Once the BBQ started I gorged on chips and guacamole, chips and mango salsa, and 2 Corona Lights.  I was so full from the chips and dip (I ate A LOT) that I could only eat a couple bites of a burger. 

I didn't want to do my weigh-in/measurements on Monday immediately following my gorge day on Sunday.  I waited till Tuesday to weight myself and take some quick measurements.

Weight: 122.0 lbs = down 2.2 lbs
Largest part of waist: 33.0" = down 0.5"
Smallest part of waist: (didn't have time to measure this)
Hips at largest part: (didn't have time to measure this)
Upper arm diameter: 10.0" = down 1.5"
Upper thigh diameter: 22" = same

After 1 week, I've lost 2.2 lbs and a total of 2 inches, mostly coming from my arms.  Although I would love to see very dramatic results, I've heard of people losing over 6 lbs in the first week and more inches in their waist.  Those people, however, probably have a lot more weight to lose than I do.

My favorite part of this week was seeing 119 on the scale, even though it's not my true weight yet.  I also enjoyed seeing definition in my arms on Saturday morning at my kick boxing class.

Anyone have any suggestions for further results?  I'm going to start doing the ice packs and see if there is any difference.

Monday, May 9, 2011


JUNE 10, 2011 - DAY 1

I am going to Cabo mid-July, so I need to get my butt in gear.   I had a friend suggest that I read the 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferris (here's his blog).  I finished the first few chapters and wanted to get started right away so I'm still reading but finished enough to dive in.  The diet isn't too far off of how I normally eat, except the things I need to cut out are:
  • dairy
  • bread (or anything starchy - pasta, pastries, cake, potatoes)
  • fruit
  • sugar or fake sugar of any kind
I've followed a variation of this before and it worked pretty well for me so I'm excited to start seeing results.  He suggested taking measurements and before/after pictures.  And I'm going to post them here for the whole world to see... sadly.

 *Not sucking in
 *Sucking in

Weight: 124.2 lbs
Largest part of waist: 33.5"
Smallest part of waist: 29"
Hips at largest part: 37.5"
Upper arm diameter: 11.5"
Upper thigh diameter: 22"


I haven't taken weight loss/maintinence seriously for a couple of years.  I work out a few times a week, but that seems to only keep me from ballooning.  I sit in front of a computer all day at work, so my movement during the day except when I'm at the gym is pretty limited.  I feel that I eat very well during the week but I blow it pretty bad during the weekend. I am not overweight but I would like to be more fit, and feel better in a swim suit.  Here is an example of my diet + workout routine during a weekday:

2 eggs
drip coffee + 1/2 cup milk

Mid-Morning Snack:
drip coffee + 1/2 cup milk
8oz water


1 1/2 cup green beans
4 oz chicken breast
8oz water

Mid-Afternoon Snack:
Strawberries (however many fit into a Ziploc sandwich bag)
Non-fat plain greek-yogurt (80 calories)
8oz water

Large salad with ground lean turkey, black beans, tomatoes, non-fat sour cream and salsa
1/2 whole wheat pita (70 calories)
Glass of non-fat milk

3-days/week: 1 hour of cardio: turbo kick boxing or running + some abs, pushups and leg/gluts work

*Of course this shows my ideal weekday meals and workout routine.  This does not take into account when I have a chocolate craving, carb craving, etc.

Meals: like any other weekday
Drinks: at least 5-7 light beers or the equivalent vodka+soda
*Possible 2am burrito

Omlet at restaurant (sometimes I'll opt for the eggs benedict depending on how hungover I am)
Toast + jam
coffee + cream

1 sushi roll

Drinks: at least 5-7 light beers or the equivalent vodka+soda
*Possible 2am burrito / hot dog / etc


Omlet at restaurant (sometimes I'll opt for the eggs benedict depending on how hungover I am)

Toast + jam
coffee + cream

Mexican chicken tostada with sour cream and guacamole
10 oz juice

Frozen yogurt with toppings of nuts and fruit

Basically I blow it pretty bad on the weekends.  I drink, eat out a lot, and sometimes eat at 2am...


This is my first blog post, ever.  This blog will talk about all the things in the life of a girl in her mid-20s: birds (friends), boys, bronzer, and boobie bras.  That's it.  Kidding.  All things friends, boys, work, family, fitness, social life, money, makeup, skincare, pets, and the list goes on.

A little about myself: I'm 25 years old, living in Southern California.  I moved here two years ago from Eastern Washington where I grew up and went to college (go Cougs!).  I work at a digital advertising agency and I love my job (most of the time).  I feel that I'm a pretty average 25 year old: college grad, solid job, living on a very tight budget (damn you student loans), trying to make the most of every weekend, constant quest to lose weight although rarely making significant improvements (the weekend activities tend to hinder this), burrito connoisseur (probably also plays into the weight issue), and just trying to live life to the fullest.